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1099 Pro Support

Video Tutorials

Step 1: Preparing My Forms

How to Add a Filer How to Add a Form How to Import Using Standard Maps

Step 2: Printing & Mailing

How to Print & Mail via the Service Bureau How to Use the Quick Print to PDF

Step 3: Filing My Forms

Filing Electronically via the Service Bureau Creating Electronic Files for the IRS/SSA

Step 4: Corrections

How to Create Corrections after IRS/SSA Filing


Creating Bulk TIN Uploads via the Service Bureau Using Integrated TIN/Name Validation
Using Quick Print How to Reprint a Printed or Filed form

FATCA 8966 Professional Videos

FATCA 8966 Software Tutorial FATCA 8966 Software Tutorial (Cantonese) FATCA 8966 Software Tutorial (Spanish)
Creating a NIL Report with FATCA 8966 Pro